ABEO HDVR 180 G2 Car Camcorder Review

ABEO HDVR 180 G2 Car Camcorder

Technical Specifications
Maximum Resolution 1080p
Channels 1
Loop Recording Yes
G Sensor Yes
Auto On/Off Yes
Parking Mode Yes
Date & Time Stamp Yes
Display Screen 2.4″
Viewing Angle (diag.) 120°
Max.Card Support 32 GB
Other Specifications
Brand Name ABEO
Release Date Mid-2014
Day Time Video Quality Excellent – Sample Video
Night Time Video Quality Very Good – Sample Video
Reliability Very Good
Power Adapter Yes
Size (inches) 14.3×5.2×2.5
Operating Temperature -10°C~+60°C
Discreetness Excellent
Our Rating 4/5
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ABEO HDVR 180 G2 Dash Cam – Our Review

The ABEO HDVR 180 G2 (released in mid-2014) is the upgraded version of the extremely successful HDVR 150 dashboard camera. While HDVR 150 recorded at 720p (HD) resolution, the internals of HDVR 180 G2 are upgraded to record at 1080p (Full HD) @ 30 FPS.

The video quality of HDVR 180 G2 is way better than some other dash cams in the mid-range price category. It records awesome day time and very impressive night time full HD videos (See Video Samples).

The ABEO HDVR 180 G2 is rear view mirror type car camcorder and that actually makes it super discreet. It just merges itself with the rear view mirror of your vehicle and is very hard to notice (See how it looks once installed).

When it comes to features, ABEO has left no stone unturned to make their customers happy. The HDVR 180 G2 comes with all the features that are must haves for a dash cam nowadays, such as, loop recording, date and time stamp in video, G-sensor, auto on/off and the very rare parking mode. However, we’d love to have GPS and WiFi too.

The viewing angle of 120° is a bit less when compared to likes of Mini 0803 (135°) or Shadow Recorder GT680W (160°), but that’s ok as it prevents videos from distortion, especially at the edges.

The operating and storage temperature range is similar to other dashboard cameras at -10°C~+60°C (/ 14˚F to 140˚F) and -30°C to +80°C / -22˚F to 176˚F respectively. The ABEO HDVR 180 G2 supports a maximum of 32GB memory card.

ABEO HDVR 180 G2 Dashboard Camera – Sample Videos

We request you to view the video in full screen and choose the maximum resolution; this will give you a better understanding of video quality captured by the dashboard camera.

Day Time Video Sample:

From the video above, it’s very clear that the video quality of ABEO HDVR 180 G2 is really impressive. Everything is crystal clear and there’s a lot of detail that this car camcorder captures during day time.

Night Time Video Sample:

As from the above video, the night time quality of HDVR 180 G2 is really very good. License plates and other nearby details are very clearly visible even in such low light conditions. Now that’s what you may not find in many other dashboard cameras out there.

ABEO HDVR-180 G2 Dash Cam – Our Verdict

Inheriting everything good from the HDVR 150 and the increased video resolution to 1080p (Full HD) makes the ABEO HDVR 180 G2 one of the most dependable and promising dash cams available in the market as of today.

All in all we can just say that ABEO has really done a commendable job in upgrading the HDVR 150 to HDVR 180 G2.

The 180 G2 is pretty kick ass car camcorder; priced at just under $140 (Amazon US, at the time of writing, including 16GB memory card), we believe that this has got to be the dash cam you’re looking for.

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