E-Prance Mini 0803 Dash Cam Review

E-Prance Mini 0803 Dash Cam

Update: There are two upgrades to Mini 0803 that have been launched, the Mini 0805 and Mini 0806; have a look at them @ Mini 0805 Review and Mini 0806 Review 
Technical Specifications
Maximum Resolution 1296p
Channels 1
Loop Recording Yes
G Sensor Yes
Auto On/Off Yes
Parking Mode
Date & Time Stamp Yes
Display Screen 1.5″
GPS Optional
Viewing Angle (diag.) 135°
Max.Card Support 32GB
Other Specifications
Brand Name E-Prance
Release Date Mid-2014
Day Time Video Quality Excellent – Sample Video
Night Time Video Quality Excellent – Sample Video
Reliability Very Good
Power Adapter Yes
Size 2.95×1.85×1.38 inches
Operating Temperature -10°C to 65°C (14°F to 149°F)
Discreetness Excellent
Our Rating 5/5
Read Reviews 20+ Reviews (Amazon US)
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E-Prance Mini 0803 Dash Cam Review

Mini 0803 dash cam (released in mid-2014) is a cutting edge offering from the leading and quite well known Chinese dashboard camera manufacturer E-Prance. Mini 0803, the successor of E-Prance’s hugely popular Mini 0801, is based on Ambarella A7 chipset (Mini 0801 was based on Ambarella A2S60) and is undoubtedly the best dashboard camera (as of today) in the mid-range (between $100 and $200) price segment.

With advanced chips like Ambarella A7LA50D processor and Aptina AR0330 optical sensor, the Mini 0803 records stunning day and night time video at 1296p (Super HD) resolution @ 25 FPS. This is the highest resolution that the dashboard camera market has to offer.

The Mini 0803 comes with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology which does an awesome job of enhancing night time video quality. (See Sample Videos)

While Mini 0803 has completely new internals (compared to 0801) the exterior of it is an exact copy of Mini 0801 and that’s really awesome as this ensures the stealth of 0810 is inherited to Mini 0803 too. So discreetness is not at all a concern and Mini 0803 gets full marks here.

Features of Mini 0803 Dash Cam:

Apart from all other standard features like loop recording, G sensor, auto on/off, date and time stamp in video, 135° viewing angle etc. the Mini 0803 has a new feature called Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS).

The LDWS is a safety system that produces a loud noise if the camera senses that you’re departing from your driving lane. While this feature is amazing for truck drivers (who drive in the same lane for long hours), but people who change lanes frequently may get annoyed with their Mini 0803 screaming on top it’s voice as they change lanes for overtaking. Don’t freak out as you can disable LDWS using dash cam’s menu.

Talking about the menu of Mini 0803, it seems to be pretty similar to 0801 and is very easy to use. The 1.5” display screen of Mini 0803 is quite good and does its job perfectly.

Similar to 0801, Mini 0803 also makes GPS and internal memory (16GB) optional and hence it’s your choice whether you want to have a 0803 with GPS and/or internal memory. If you choose to buy a 0803 with GPS then it embeds your location and vehicle’s speed along with the video that it records.

E-Prance Mini 0803 Dash Cam – Video Samples:

We request you to view the video in full screen and choose the maximum resolution; this will give you a better understanding of video quality captured by the dashboard camera.

Day Time Video Sample:

The video quality of Mini 0803 during day time is really awesome and it does records stunning super HD videos.

Night Time Video Sample:

The night time video quality of Mini 0803 is better than all other dash cams in the mid-range segment. The WDR of 0803 really works and there’s no problem in reading license plates even at a distance.

E-Prance Mini 0803 – User Manual

You can download the user manual for E-Prance 0803 here.

E-Prance Mini 0803 Dash Cam – Our Verdict:

So, if you’re looking for a dash cam that’s super awesome, records crystal clear day and night videos (1296p), is super discreet and is very reliable then there’s nothing better than the Mini 0803. It’s packed with some latest technology and features that you’ll love to have in your dashboard camera.

In simple words, we just love it!

Priced at $150.99 (for GPS+8GB internal memory+32GB memory card) we think that this is an absolute bargain.

However, Cobra CDR 900 and GS6000A7 are few other dash cams that record 1296p video.

If you feel that 1080p (Full HD) video resolution is what you can live with, then we suggest you buy Mini 0801; it’s quite stable (in terms of firmware updates and issues) and is now available at huge discounts after Mini 0803’s release.

One more option is the E-Prance GT680W which is a great dashboard camera in the affordable range (near $100 mark).

Where To Buy?

Check latest price and own a Mini 0803 by buying from Amazon stores using the links below.

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