Timetec Road Hawk 1080p Dash Cam Review

Timetec Road Hawk 1080p Dash Cam

Technical Specifications
Maximum Resolution 1080p
Channels 1
Loop Recording Yes
G Sensor Yes
Auto On/Off Yes
Parking Mode
Date & Time Stamp Yes
Display Screen No
Viewing Angle (diag.) 127°
Max.Card Support 64 GB
Other Specifications
Brand Name Timetec
Release Date Mid-2013
Day Time Video Quality Excellent – Sample Video
Night Time Video Quality Excellent – Sample Video
Reliability Excellent
Power Adapter Yes
Size 3.7x1x2.8 inches
Operating Temperature
Discreetness Excellent
Our Rating 5/5
Read Reviews 100+ Reviews (Amazon US)
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Timetec Road Hawk 1080p Dash Cam – Our Review

If there’s a dashboard camera that has all the abilities and personality to rule the high-end ($200+) price segment then it has got to be the Timetec Road Hawk 1080p dash cam.

It’s definitely not a secret anymore that there are a lot of other dash cams competing for the winner’s trophy in this price range, yet, the Timetec Road Hawk 1080p emerges as an undisputed champion.

Released in mid-2013 by Timetec the Road Hawk 1080p records really stunning and seamless Full HD (1080p resolution) day and night time videos @30 FPS (See Video Samples).

It’s based on the hugely successful Ambarella A5 chip and is the first dash cam in the market that comes loaded with innovative EIS (electronic image stabilization) technology. We discuss the EIS technology in the features section below, so continue reading.

Features of Timetec Road Hawk 1080p Dashboard Camera:

Imagine you’re traveling (and recording) the most awesome scenic routes that you’ve ever seen, but the road is being a spoilsport with the entire rough surface that it has to offer. How’s the video footage going to be? Obviously, when you replay, you see a bouncy video quality, but not with Timetec Road Hawk 1080p.

The EIS (electronic image stabilization) feature of 1080p ensures that you get the smoothest video quality irrespective of the nature of terrain you’re driving on and that’s a big plus in 1080p’s part compared to all other dash cams in this price-range.

Also, it doesn’t even matter whether you own a Mac or PC, as far as video playback is concerned, as the videos can be viewed on both types of computers with equal ease.

The software (that comes with the dash cam, is compatible with Mac or PC) allows you to change brightness, contrast etc. settings and you can choose default video footage size starting from 1 minute to 30 minutes (any setting more than 1 minute disables the loop recording feature).

When it comes to memory card support, most other dashboard cameras offer support up to 32 GB only, whereas Road Hawk is one of the very few dash cams that supports up to 64 GB memory card. Also, the company includes a free 8 GB memory card with each new Road Hawk 1080p purchase.

Another interesting feature of this camera is that it enables you to configure the bit rate between 4 and 12 Mbits/sec. Hence if you set the bit rate to highest (12 Mbits/sec), you the get up to 12 hours of Full HD video on a 64 GB memory card and after that loop recording feature starts deleting oldest recorded footage.

All other features like loop recording, auto on off, date and time stamp on video, GPS and G -Force etc. are part as standard features that come with Road Hawk 1080p. The GPS and G-Force data is stored along with the video and can be viewed via provided software. While viewing this data you can see the vehicle’s speed, g-force and GPS position on google maps (that refreshes 5 times each second).

Timetec Road Hawk 1080p Dash Cam – Video Samples

We request you to view the video in full screen and choose the maximum resolution; this will give you a better understanding of video quality captured by the dashboard camera.

Day Time Video Sample:

As you can see that the video quality of Timetec Road Hawk 1080p during day time is really stunning and it does deserve to be the best dash cam in high-end price range.

Night Time Video Sample:

The night time video quality of 1080p is unbeatable compared to all other dash cams in the same category.

Timetec Road Hawk 1080p – User Manual

You can download the user manual for RoadHawk HD here.

Timetec Road Hawk 1080p Software

For Windows, the S/W is available here.

For Mac, the S/W is here.

Timetec Road Hawk 1080p Dash Cam – Our Verdict

The Timetec Road Hawk 1080p is a masterpiece that’s crafted for those who are really serious about the build and video quality, reliability and stealth of their dashboard camera. It’s the best dash cam that’s available in the market today and is certainly the best in the high-range price segment.

Priced at just under $300 (Amazon US, at the time of writing), you may feel that you have to cough up some money initially, but then it’s quality is worth the price.

Go for it!

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