Vico Marcus 5 VICOVATION Dash Cam Review
Vico Marcus 5 Dashboard Camera
Technical Specifications
Maximum Resolution 1080p (Full HD)
Channels 2
Loop Recording Yes
G Sensor Yes
Auto On/Off Yes
Parking Mode
Date & Time Stamp Yes
Display Screen 2.4″
GPS External
Viewing Angle (diag.) (F/R) 140°/140°
Max.Card Support 64 GB
Other Specifications
Brand Name Vicovation
Release Date 2014
Day Time Video Quality Very Good – Sample Video
Night Time Video Quality Very Good- Sample Video
Reliability Excellent
Power Adapter Yes
Size (mm) Front 72x63x33/Rear 39x31x29
Operating Temperature 0°C to 75°C (32°F to 167°F)
Discreetness Excellent
Our Rating 5/5
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Vico Marcus 5 by VICOVATION – Our Review

Vico Marcus 5, by Vicovation is a dual channel dash cam that was released in 2014. Since it’s a dual channel camera, it records what’s ahead and what’s after your vehicle. The video quality, for both front and read cams, is very good during day as well as night time (see sample videos).

While the front camera isn’t very small, the rear one’s a really discreet; once installed, the rear cam is really very hard to notice. The front cam measures 72mm x 63mm x 33mm and the rear one’s dimensions are 39mm x 31mm x 29mm.

Just like Vico Marcus 4, the Marcus 5 is based on Ambarella 7 processor and uses a capacitor instead of battery; that pretty well explains the high reliability of this dashboard camera. Both, the front and read cams have a bit rate of up to 9Mbps and 6Mbps (day & night) and use the very popular Aptina AR-03300 CMOS sensor.

Furthermore, mounting both (front and rear dashboard cams) is a breeze and will hardly take little effort from your side. The front cam is a suction cup mount type and the rear one just sticks to the window via adhesive tape. Having said that, you can just order an adhesive patch and use that to mount the front cam too (this’ll increase the discreetness of front cam).

Also, you get a quick mounting bracket with Marcus 5; this bracket helps to easily remove the camera from the car (especially useful when you don’t want to leave the camera in the car). Additionally, you can also mount a 52mm CPL (Circular Polarizing Light) filter on the bracket; the CPL doesn’t come with Marcus 5 and you need to procure it separately.

Marcus 5 has got a 2.4” TFT LCD display screen that does its job pretty well; also the menu is a really easy to use one. Similar to Marcus 4, there’s an orange colored button on Marcus 5 too which when pressed, saves the current footage.

One very interesting feature about Marcus 5 is that you can mirror the rear dashboard camera onto the display screen; this way, you can use the rear cam as a reversing camera too! Also, the mirrored rear cam footage gets recorded with the video of front camera.

All the standard features such as loop recording, auto on/off, G-sensor, date and time stamp in video etc. are present in Marcus 5. However, a GPS module isn’t included with it. If you want to use GPS then you need to buy an external GPS mouse. There’s one more thing that’s not present in Marcus 5 and that’s the parking mode.

Marcus 5 support 64GB memory cards. However, just make sure to use class 10 only. The viewing angle 140° diagonal for front and rear cams isn’t very bad either and you pretty much record good amount of details.

Do have a look at the day and night time video samples (for front and rear cameras) that we’ve included in our review.

Here’s a list of things that you get in the package:

  1. Marcus 5 front and rear camera
  2. Instruction Manual
  3. Warranty Leaflet
  4. Suction Cup Mount
  5. Quick Release Mount
  6. Power cable (4 meters)
  7. Rear camera lead (6 meters)

Here’s an image of what you get in the package for your guidance.

Vico Marcus 5 – Pros & Cons


  1. Very good day & night time video quality for front and rear
  2. Excellent reliability (capacitor based)
  3. CPL filter support
  4. Can be used as reversing camera too!
  5. Picture in picture mode


  1. No Wi-Fi
  2. No parking mode

Vico Marcus 5 – Video Samples

We request you to view the video in full screen and choose the maximum resolution; this will give you a better understanding of video quality captured by the dashboard camera.

Day Time Video Sample:

Front Camera:

Front cam video quality of Marcus 5 is really outstanding during the day time. Even during this rainy day footage there’s no compromise with the image quality; everything’s clear and can be easily seen. Even the distant license plates of the vehicles ahead can be read easily.

Rear Camera:

The Marcus’ rear cam also performs like a charm during day time; recording is seamless and there are a lot of crisp details captured by the dash cam. You can easily read the license plates of vehicles behind the car (even during a rainy day as above).

Night Time Video Sample:

Front Camera:

The Marcus (front cam) performs equally well during night time too! As you can see that everything’s recorded very clearly and the video quality beats many other dash cams out there.

Rear Camera:

Just like the front cam, the rear cam also performs awesomely at night. Everything is clearly visible and there’s no distortion whatsoever at the edges.

Vico Marcus 5 – User Manual

You can download Vico Marcus 4 English user manual here.

Vico Marcus 5 – Firmware

Marcus 4’s Firmware can be downloaded here

Vico Marcus 5 – Vico Viewer

You can download Vico viewer for Windows here.

Vico Marcus 5 Dash Cam – Our Verdict

All that we can say about Vico Marcus 5 is that it’s one hell of an awesome dashboard camera. The recording is seamless and it’s one of its kind as it records 1080p (Full HD) both front and rear.

Priced at around $350 (check latest price) it feels a bit on the expensive side but the reliability, video quality and rear camera mirroring abilities are some features that justifies its price.

It gets a big seal of APPROVAL from

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